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  1. Nilkis

    A Worst-Case Scenario a magyar Blind Myself együttes harmadik surpeipermedislivelasaltingdimpfah.coinfo album ben jelent meg a Hammer Music alkiadójaként működő Edge Records gondozásában.A hangszeres részeket ismét a HSB Stúdióban rögzítették Hidasi Barnabás irányításával, az énektémák felvételét azonban ifj. Straub Dezső felügyelte a Grape Stúdióban.
  2. Meztira

    Compilation CD, is released by McGathy Radio Promotion Co./Edge., which includes 3 songs from Blind Myself (from Product of Our Imagination) and is played in more than college radio stations throughout the United States. Cover designed by Alan Roberts of Life of Agony. Blind Myself plays at the legendary Gainesville Hardcore festival in Florida.
  3. Faeran

    CD kritika tartalomböngésző Blind Myself: Worst-Case Scenario augusztus szombat, Valentin Szilvia Tweet #shockmagazin. Annak ellenére, hogy azért nagyjából lehetett tudni mostanáig, hogy mit várhat az ember egy Blind Myself lemeztől, valahogy mindig meg tudtak lepni egy picit. Most azonban sikerült a szokásosnál.
  4. Shaktikus

    Aug 01,  · Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with this AWESOME album. Enjoy! Don't forget to support the Canadian band Marianas Trench! Marianas Trench - Phantoms Full Album BUY IT https.
  5. Mikakora

    Worst Case Scenario Blind Myself. Phantoms Of The Past Lyrics. Small More Blind Myself albums Ancient Scream Therapy. Product of Our Imagination.
  6. Yodal

    Phantoms Of The Past. Point Of No Return. Ravens. Small Characters. Spirit Of Dead. Sundown. Survival. The Chase. Thief. Understanding Of Love. Wise-men Of The West. Worst-case Scenario. Blind Myself Albums. Önvakítás - Single 1 tracks Genre: Metal. Arccal a savnak - Single Worst-Case Scenario 12 tracks Genre: Heavy.
  7. Nikokora

    Oh God, if I agree what horrors wait for me, in this, the Phantom's opera? Raoul: Christine, Christine don't think that I don't care, but every hope, and every prayer rests on you now. Phantom: Seal my fate tonight. I hate to have to cut the fun short. But the jokes wearing thin, let the audience in, let my opera begin. Last Update: June, 30th
  8. Gaktilar

    Heaven't () Center Of Everything Innocent's Hell Kain Thief Heaven't Crabs Oceans Of Crabs Kick The Rotten Fruit Apple Black Magic Bitch Circle Of Pain Survival Cry Of The Earth Half-Breed Hand Leo Vs. Taurus Product Of Our Imagination () Point Of No Return Understanding Of Love New York City Ravens Lions Of God Lava Sundown Shine Luna Spirit Of Dead Heart Allyson Worst-Case Scenario.
  9. Faushakar

    BLIND MYSELF lyrics - "Worst-Case Scenario" () album, including "Small Characters", "Phantoms Of The Past", "The Chase".

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